What Is The Future of Language Learning?

Filling a form is a part of everyone’s life today. Be it a Google form or any other official document, it isn’t tough for anyone to say the most common question on those forms. No, we are not talking about the name, age, and gender, we are talking about the additional languages known.

Learning a new language demands time and devotion. Learning a second language is interesting and helpful at all ages of life. It gives reasonable, rational and many benefits. There are over 7000 languages including english, hindi, malayalam, punjabi typing and learning at least one of these over your first language will help you in heaps. It will be easier for children to study an additional language, but it is never too late for any human of any age. The advantages compensate for labor and commitment put in.


Benefits of an intangible element

Learning a language has never been a waste. Here are a few advantages of learning one:

  1. It builds brain power and develops memory: The grasping power of an individual is put to test. Learning a new language is not only about the alphabet, but it is also about the right grammar, its required accent, and usage. The brain is ready to accept newer challenges.
  2. Excellent communication skills: When you learn a new language it is very easy for you to communicate with another person. For instance, if you know Korean, it will enable you to talk to a Korean easily without any chance of fraud. This also builds kinship.
  3. Better grip on the upcoming opportunities even in academics: Our education system has been evolving drastically, and your result is not completely what you get on sheets. You can avail of any opportunity that comes in your way and you can get the first-mover advantage.
  4. Additional highlight on your CV’s: Business requires commitment and communication. Networking skill needs to be polished; having an additional language makes you stand out of the crowd. If he\she has the aptitude for the job and an additional language on their CV, they can assume that their seat has been booked in the business office.
  5. Vast career options: A translator for a part-time job, senior business communicator or a home tutor. Learning a new language covers all sorts and levels of work.


Future of learning languages

Learning a new language is a matter of self-esteem for an individual. In today’s globalized world where all economies are integrated; the need for connectivity arises.

The additional language is of great help to you and your family. Demand and supply of a commodity, building relations or for a visit to a county. Our education system inculcates foreign languages such as german and french into the courses for a student to learn.

Although it has not gained a lot of attention over time, the studies show that the number of students that enroll themselves in specialized language courses has increased.

It is worth mentioning here that, a language learned must be put to use, otherwise, it is of no significance.

Do the talking!

‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ is a very common saying that applies to all areas of life. You can only learn when you truly want to learn; just mugging up for clearing the exam will do no good to anyone.

You have to do justice to one’s culture, tradition and language for which you have to do the talking!

Technology hasn’t improved only for business it has evolved equally for all. We know the story of an aspiring Indian who worked a coolie in one of the railway stations; by using the platforms free wifi to study, he cracked the civil examination.

Likewise, there are many ways of learning a new language. By taking classes or learning online. Youtube and other online sites are undoubtedly a great source of learning. The other day, I saw a man learning Korean by watching a video on Tik Tok. The main motto behind this life instance is not to promote any site or app but to show the determination and availability of source learning a foreign language.

New decade

This new decade which is marked by the year 2020 is supposedly expected to bring a lot more opportunities for the opportunist.

So many changes will be brought about and we will see what the decade has in store for us.

Meanwhile, learning a new language that was earlier taught by offline classes has changed its course. It appears that technology might replace teachers in the coming years because of the following reasons:

  1. Time: Time is everything thing. Everybody has tight schedules and we have to pan our every activity concerning time. Offline teachers can only dedicate some part of their day and they have fixed timing. If the student needs to move urgently or is free in any case, his time might get wasted. By the advancement of technology, the student can learn as per his\her schedule.
  2. Cost: Some videos that are uploaded have subscription fees, whereas others are free of cost. The free of cost videos cannot explain the language in detail. Hence, for the complete knowledge of a language, it is recommended to go for a subscription-based online class.
  3. Ease: The student can simply lie on the bed, put earphones and start earning. Online teaching provides ease. The duration of his classes can also be determined by him only.


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