7 Weirdest World Record Held By Dogs

Dogs are super cool animals and one of my favorite when it comes to having a pet but did you know there are many records that these favorite animals have made and some are pretty cool and some are super weird but still cool, hey! Dogs making records no matter what you say or how weird it looks it’s still cool and always be cool, not every day you see a dog making a world record right?

Let’s talk about these records we consider cool and Weird.

Fastest 100 balloons popped

the record is held by a there not many dogs you will see going and popping balloons that are the work for humans well believe me that’s what I thought until I saw the dog from Calgary In Alberta Canada named Toby, Mr. Toby and his owner Christie springs had an idea let’s disturb the neighbors and ruin the party go Toby pop some balloons, hey not being mean it’s reality. The owner said that I filled the pool with the balloon and send Toby to pop them and entertain my sweet neighbors. And Toby just like a loyal dog did his work and then they decided Toby let’s go make you a record holder and they did Toby completed the popping 100 balloons in just 28.22 seconds, I could do that much with a needle in my hand.

Fastest 100 meter run with a can

Yes, the can, the one you drink cola from same can, well another way to train your dog to take your empty beer cans away from your to the dustbin see that what I call a genius if you going to teach your dog something then teach him something useful right? Okay, jokes apart this record is held by a dog named sweet pea, it was a mixed breed of Australian shepherds and border collie and trained by Alex Rothaker who was the owner of the dog and the record time by her was 2 minute 55 seconds.

Animal most photographed with celebrities

talk about being famous start light wherever I go, these stars always wanting to take pictures with me well that’s what this dog called lucky diamond would think whenever a new celebrity wanted to take a picture with him, well lucky diamond had been lucky with clicking pics with a total of 363 celebrities wow, I would say no human would have done that forget about a dog, well but lucky did this so can’t do anything about it sadly lucky passed away at the age of 15 which is quite good lifespan for a dog.

Fastest crossing of a tightrope by a dog

you know I have always been a fan of people walking on a tightrope I mean come on who won’t love that it’s not easy with all wobbly and shaking of the rope when you walking on it, it’s amazing well humans are not alone there’s this amazing dog who said I would do this too looks awesome. He pretty much like thought what I thought when I first saw that thing but he made a record and I went to bed after breaking my bones, the record is owned by Ozzy who’s a Border Collie/ Australian Kelpie mix. The record this amazing dog hold is for crossing the tight rope is just 18.22 sec.

Most bottles recycled by a dog

well talk about being inspiring and loving our environment, while we, humans, Don’t care about earth and pollution this dog showed the heart and cared not like us, the Labrador named tubby collected over 26,000 plastic bottles and helped his owner Sandra Gilmore to recycle them and he did make some contribution on saving the environment Thank you tubby.

Fastest 30 meter on scooter by a dog

gosh, these records keep getting cooler and pretty weird, I mean come on who would make their dog go ride a scooter, well Norman the scooter dog did make this possible through completing it in just 9sec.

longest human tunnel traveled by a dog on a skateboard

See when riding the scooter wasn’t enough, let’s ride something like skateboard, and probably will perform few sticks like flip360 and sliding through the bar, OKay I know I’m making way too many jokes but it’s not my fault these records keep filling my head with these jokes and making me chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the current record holder for That is Dai-chan a dog from Japan by ridding under 33 people.…


7 Clever Garage Organization Ideas That Will Free a Parking Spot

Is your garage is messed up and look a total mess with things all over the place not knowing where to put them and how can you make space for your car for parking and organize your garage mess?

We will tell you some tips and ideas that will help you to have a parking spot and a better-looking garage.

Make a list of stuff

While cleaning your garage first you need to know what you have inside your garage, so start from end to end corner to corner get everything you have and note it down on some paper make categories, like household stuff, garbage, useful tools, kids items, daily accessible items and so on.

And while you making list keep taking all of the stuff out of the garage, I know those are heavy so get help ask your husband, brother or any other person who can lift heavy stuff and get all those out in the open.

Categorized the list and excite the plan

Categorized the list and put all the stuff that you have into categories that you will keep them and when you are doing that make sure you have a plan in mind how you want to keep them.

Try thinking like whatever you need daily will come in front and Whatever you don’t use for months and for a long period of time will be at the back and stay there for a long time without disturbing anyone.

Buy cabinets and hanging Accessories

Now if you don’t have cabinets you might want to get a cabinet for placing your tools, extra parts of electronic and stuff like old books or toys.

And you might consider taking your gardening tools and putting them in front and getting a wall hanger for tools for them hang the gardening tools in the sidewall at the height where small kids won’t be able to reach so they also are safe and not get hurt.

Put heavy stuff at the end

Try putting your heavy stuff like extra Television or a sofa or Whatever you have that you don’t need at the back of the garage as you won’t need them regularly maybe you won’t need them at all so keep them at the back, make sure they stay in a proper organized manner or the point of placing them back won’t be effective try putting the in corners where it would take less space and give you more free space.

Sports equipment and kids stuff

Sports equipment and kids stuff you should keep them near the garage door at the other side of the wall for kids stuff and sports equipment you can also get cabinet or if you have the space in the previous cabinet place them there, while stuff like kids bikes you need to keep them just beside garage on the sidewall where it will be easily accessible and kids won’t mess with other stuff while parking their cycle.

Use your ceiling

Yep, you can use the ceiling as well, get a drill and equipment that will make a cabinet for you to put your stuff on the ceiling, I would recommend you to use the stuff that you don’t need for months that is like season clothes Christmas decorations and stuff that you don’t need at all. There are many options that you can use to get that space on your ceiling like you can use steel peace get them weld together and you can either buy a well-made ceiling space tool that you may find in your local hardware store.

Container for your kitchen stuff and food products

Last step and the most important one is that you make sure the products of food and household you keep them, In a packed container so they are safe from any possible rat and humidity and if there get any leakage of water they don’t get wasted, so make sure to take care of all your food and put them in a container near the back door of the house that connect the garage so it will be easily accessible to you when you need them.…