Electric vs Natural Gas Stoves: Which is best?

As I would see it, leaning toward Electric stove over Natural gas oven is ideal or rather useful. As we’re in 21st century and everything is changing from manual to mechanical. Utilizing items with new innovation are constantly been helpful and efficient. Furthermore, as we probably aware change is the main consistent so adjusting change will help us develop.

In 2020, as the unexpected pandemic condition has shown up which caused lockdown, in such instance of accessibility of gas cylinder is very hard and not all that protected as no evading social contact is a need. In this way, having an Electric stove turns into a savior. Having gas stove, you need to refill the cylinder once it’s vacant, you need to stand by till the time new cylinder shows up. In ongoing time, having patience or squandering a lot of energy on cooking is very disappointing, for burning through less time Electric ovens are supplanting the Natural gas stove. Indeed, even as far as cost, energy, and security concern electric stove are better alternative.

Which assists with sparing time for cooking?

Well if there should be an occurrence of Induction or electric gas, you can change the temperature as of now with the goal that, it causes you to decrease the hour of cooking. On the planet where all that should be done fast and quick having persistence to cook is such a fiasco. Elica gas stoves are the best for cooking, look elica gas stove reviews. Furthermore, as far as taking care of work and home together investing a lot of energy in preparing food is difficult, so changing the temperature as indicated by dish which we need to cook is a lot simpler choice.

Regardless of whether the gas cylinder gets vacant then you don’t need to be on standby till the new cylinder arrives or you’ve to contact the office and that will take additional time. Having electric stove, no such circumstance can show up.

Which is cost effective?

Electric stove is more cost efficient as compared to Natural gas stove. As indicated by the exploration cost of Electric stove begins from Rs 500 and that of Natural gas stove is Rs 2000.

In Natural gas stove you need to arrange so many components such as gas cylinder, gas pipe, stove, regulator, burner etc. separately. Once you buy a natural gas stove then you need refill the cylinder again and again as per your usage. At every time of gas refill, you need to call the professionals to change the gas cylinder, but in electric stove you have no such worries. In Electric stove the arrangement is already made so there’s less chances of arranging different gadgets. You just need to plugin to the switch board and you’re ready to use.

Which helps to save more energy?

For Natural gas stove you need to refill the gas cylinder as per the use, liquified petroleum gas is used in the gas cylinder which is found from oil refining and natural gas processing. Due to increasing population, the natural energy sources are decreasing day by day so to reduce the use of natural energy sources it is important to use to new technologies which will help us reducing natural energy consumption.

In case of electric stoves, we need to use electricity. Nowadays as per the recent technologies various energy saving electricity methods are being used. Even the solar energy which is an infinite energy source, has been used to generate electricity which helps us reducing the external electricity and that reduces the electricity bill.

Which is more secure between the two?

Natural gas stove consists of gas burner which can be quite harmful. Regulator is very crucial part of gas stove which is to be handled very carefully. If you left gas burner or regulator open without usage it can cause incidents like gas explosion. Sometimes animals like rats can cut the gas pipe which causes gas leak which is another example of explosion. Gas burner can also do harm to children or even to the person who uses stove daily while cooking.

In electric stove the energy which is generated is transferred into magnetic materials. If by mistake you touched anywhere it does not cause any harm, even if there are children in any family it will not damage or harm them or it will not burn up the home. If something solid food or liquid exceeds and falls on the gas burner then it will not stick on that, which will help us to keep the stove clean.


So, both the ways of cooking, the Natural gas stove and the Electric stove are good ways of cooking. If you want a gadget which is safer, more cost efficient, more energy saving and less time consuming then Electric stove is the best option to choose.

Still many people don’t like to rely on electricity but in that case solar energy will replace the reason of stress. In terms of temperature accuracy and emergency we can use Induction without worry.


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