8 Incredible French Castles You Need Visit Asap

French people have amazing history and they are known for their castles all over the world, with so much to see about them and many great histories related to them and you get to see the French culture in those castles, and that’s why we will get you some them right now that you must see asap.

Chateau de Foix

Talk about some history and great look when it’s comes to this castle, the castle is from the time of kings and nobles period and in the 12th century and back then this castle inky used to have 2 square tower later on the Nobel of 15th century decided to add the round tower to make this castle even more great and better, it’s a great tourist place and is the iconic place of Foix and it’s been listed to the most historic monuments by the French ministry of culture, this castle has been the house of great Nobel man like the Viscount of Bearn and also to the king of French so if you want to visit a palace this will be it that you need to go and visit.

Chateau de Tarascon

In the banks of the Rhone lies the amazing and beautiful castle of Chateau de Tarascon the beautiful castle as you haven’t seen before, the castle was built in the 15th century by prince Anjou and this castle is no doubt one of the most beautiful castles in France and in the whole of Europe, while you go to see the castle of Chateau de Tarascon you will see more than a total of 30 rooms there, and when you go to the terrace of this huge castle you can see the Rhone from a whole another point of view and enjoy the view of the place with the view of fortress of Beacuria, no doubt that this castle is a must-visit place.

Chateau de Vincennes

If you need to witness the castle of Royal people that will let you have the fairy tale experience, then go none other than Chateau de Vincennes this castle comes in the town of Vincennes located in the east of Paris, the castle was built in the 14th century for the royal family and it’s a massive castle, no matter how you look at it, built by Charles V of France this castle has experienced many wars like the war of Paris and World War 2, the castle will give you all of the history when you enter there.

Mont-Saint-Michel Abbey

The Mont-Saint-Michel abbey is located on the island of Mont Saint Michel and has less than 50 people currently living there, it’s a Gothic-style castle that was completed in 1523.

Abbey has done the role of being historic monuments of France since 1862 and from 1979 the whole island has been considered a world heritage site by UNESCO.

The castle gives you a total feeling of being in a fairy tale of a Disney movie just imagine the castle In islands how cool that is so for sure if you want to experience that do visit the Mont-Saint-Michel abbey.

Chateau de Dusse

The castle located in Indre-et-Loire at France is a great royal castle and one of the best with lots of history related to it the beauty of its castle has been shown with its architecture only was built by Norman the seigneur of Usse in the eleventh century and been there since then and another great thing about this is it’s a true Disney castle no kidding, the Sleeping Beauty written by Charles Perrault, when he was writing that story this was the castle he had in mind when he wrote that so you can say that you will find many things by being in this castle.

Chateau de Chantilly

In the town of Chantilly lies the castle of Château de Chantilly which is a massive castle completed in 1882 and the real castle was destroyed In 15th century in the France revolution and this one standing right there was recreated and repaired by Louis Henri II, Prince of Condé and been there since then, the castle has lots of history to learn about and a beautiful castle to visit too.

Chateau de Chambord

This one is pure beauty the castle of Château de Chambord in France is a massive and world-known castle for its French architecture which shows the culture from medieval forms with classical culture, the castle has seen many wars and deaths of great Nobleman with a lot of history to take with it and have been restored multiple times and maintain throughout time.


The best castle by far is the Palace of Versailles with its amazing architecture and massive space this castle was built keeping the beauty in mind no matter where you see you will find only beauty in this castle, the castle now is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO the castle was made keeping the royalty in mind. The castle of Versailles was declared 2nd monument to have most visitors just before the Eiffel tower and Louver.

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