4 Trees That Leaves You Can Eat

Talking about this unhealthy lifestyle we living and all those foods we have that are leading us to an unhealthy lifestyle and bad stomach, we probably lean on to greens and when it comes to green vegetables the option is not that less but not that much either. And one thing about humans is that when they like something they will find as much and as many as they can of the same thing.

So eventually there will be a time when we get bored with our lettuce, Spinach, and other green vegetables and find some new ones to try and fill our stomachs with and for that we have some trees leave you can try and that are totally edible and safe to eat so let’s check them.

Moringa: let’s start with the tree that is found in India, the tree Moringa That native to India and now used globally to gain its benefits the tree is no stranger to the people who love to eat food, and it’s very fast-growing and drought-tolerant tree Also known as the tree of life, and have the nickname drumstick tree because of the patterns, you came Easily eat all of the tree as its totally edible but most people just like the leaves of the tree and not the stem and roots, the benefit of the tree is that the leaves are full of nutrients like iron, calcium, protein, vitamin C and vitamin A and work as an organic multivitamin capsule, so if you want to try any tree at first for eating, you can start with Moringa.

Hawthorn: the tree is used for various purposes like medicine and making your jams and providing you with berries, the trees have thorns too so be careful when you try to touch the tree, you will find this easily in many regions of the U.S and Europe. The leaves of hawthorn can be eaten it contains the same health benefits as the berries of this tree, in England they are well known and eaten with salad as they throw some young leaves and old ones too for getting extra flavor in the salad, and if you need young leaves only to eat make sure you go and find the leaves in the spring when the trees new leaves are blossoms.

Mulberry: these trees are Highly productive trees and super versatile, they can in wide ranges of climate so can be found in most of the places everywhere, the trees grows insane amount of berries to eat and are great when you eat them right off the tree they will taste super great another way is you can preserve them by making their jam and freezing them to have them for a period of time, the only set back of the berries must be that they leave a stain on you, the leaves are great for eating and can be eaten when they are young don’t eat old leaves can lead to stomach ache, and even when eating the young leaves make sure you boil them and to get rid of anything that can cause you problems the mulberry leaves are great as the helping with type 2 diabetes so if you have type 2 diabetes I would highly recommend you to eat some with your salad or other food to get better. hey, not forcing you totally your choice I’m just saying that this will really help and proven by studies, not by me.

Linden: you must have heard that linden leaves are edible and that is why our last pick in our 4 types of trees that leave can be eaten its linden, it’s a high suppliers of edible leaves they are mostly known as windbreak because of their large amount of leaves they stop any gust of wind and great for taking shelter they provide great shade and work great as other things too, talking about eating they taste good and maybe the most delicious leaves in all the trees will be linden tree leaves, they go superbly well with your everyday salad and can be eaten just alone too, the leaves are eaten in every season whether it’s summer, winter, fall, spring you can enjoy these leave every day and make sure to choose younger ones while they taste better and great to eat, the leaves of linden is also a good source of antioxidant which is good for your body so this will be the best leave you will have.

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