10 coolest kitchen gadgets for foodies

When we talk about having some food and making it at home by yourself, sound total mess and kind of hard as well as time-consuming. That’s why most people just make like simple food that can be cooked fast or get it from outside because who has time right? So, even if you want to eat a great meal purely homemade and cooked by yourself you can’t because of that.

Well, if you are one of them, then you must have a few of the items that will help you, there are varieties of gadgets to save your effort and time. So let’s check some of them now.

1.Egg separator:

There has never been more simple yet cool gadgets for foodies, everyone loves having eggs for breakfast. You can buy compact kitchen microwave for cooking eggs in your kitchen. But many people don’t like having a yolk too much as its fat, and overconsumption of yolk can totally make you fat. While your egg white is pure protein and does not contain a single fat percentage. So I always do one thing separate the egg yolk from the egg white and cooking for a while I have learned it’s not that easy. I can do it now but have to be careful sometimes your egg yolk will just break and then all of your efforts will be wasted. So for that, this product is super great work as a filter that separates your egg yolk and egg white. When you use it the egg white will pour into the container and the yolk will be there in that egg separator giving you a pure egg white.

2.One Copenhagen universal pot lid:

Talking about useful gadgets for foodies, this can be a lifesaver for you guys. If you are a foodie for sure you love cooking and we all know how hard it is to keep every pan and pot lids in right place. We always end up getting them mixed up and sometimes even lost and end up using an alternative. Well, I won’t blame you believe me happens with almost everyone because of having so many lids. So for that, you will love this universal pot as it can fit on any lid no matter what size. It’s also saved you from burning your hand as the lid never gets heated it will always keep cool. The lid also works as a strainer and it let’s steam getaway so the food doesn’t get over boil.

3.Tescoma Chef Torch:

Like I said I’m a foodie and loves to cook and if you one too, then this one’s for you. The perfect hand grip chef torch will fit in your hand and will let you control the fire and you can now give easy finishing on your food. Whether it’s your pizza cheese that you want to melt or your cake you want to add a crisp touch from the top. This Chef torch helps with all.

4.Prepworks Deli Prokeeper:

Is it just me that makes too much food and always get left with leftover? I’m sure it’s most people, well in my case I do this willingly, I’m working super hard after day time and after day time I start losing my energy and till the night I’m done that can’t even get up forget cooking. So, I make my food for the evening at dinner and many others do too. So the problem later gets when to keep that food so it won’t get worse, for that take this Prokeeper that will make sure your food stays safe. It comes in different sizes and will keep your food fresh whether it your meat or your sauce or gravy it will not get spilled as long as inside the container.

5.Macom electric mixer:

After seeing this gadget I thought I need no other thing just this. It’s super cool and save you from a lot of work, you know how hard it gets cooking Indian food or Spanish that need continuous stirring for a long time. Well, this one helps you that a cordless electric stirrer for your pot, get fit in any pot or pan and comes with a guard that even works as a lid.

6.Zyliss shellfish Shears:

Love eating seafood? Then this is for you guys as if you love to eat food that has a hard shell-like crabs and lobster or other food. This amazing shears give you sharp tearing scissors for shell and crushes too with perfect grip that has been tested for non-slip grip even if you have wet hands.


What you need while watching a football match of 90 minutes? Yes, pizza, chips and your beer. But when you start with your beer till half time or before that it gets warm and not stays cold. If your beer is not cold it won’t give you that feel of a beer. So this Bottle keeper will help you with that keeping your beer bottle cool for up to 2 hours, so enjoy the match without worrying about your beer.

8.Tupperware Smoothie bowl:

This is a simple yet great gadget and probably the most used one for me. I’m a huge fan of smoothies and this one gives me perfect and tasty smoothie that thing smoothie feel.

9.JML ice cream maker:

Yes, the one that you see in YouTube video where they put the cream and add flavor. Then after mixing them for a few, it gives that thing flavored ice cream for you and then you spread it and make ice cream rolls. Amazing, tasty, and super fun to have.

10.Spring Chef food chopper:

Like I said in intro this is for making your life easy and saving your time. So here is our best one gadget that will recommend for you, it’s the food chopper for getting evenly chopped vegetables and fruits every time you use it.

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